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Hello, my name is Daniel  Ekine. I earned a bachelors degree in electrical engineering while studying in Malaysia and a graduate certificate from Columbia business school. After my undergrad, I was granted asylum. During that time, I fell back in love with my true passion of hairstyling and writing. With works like my children story - THE BLACK RAINBOW  or poetry collection - THE MISSING PAGES, I love writing and being a creative artist.

I am a Boston based hairstylist with over 4 years experience specializing in unisex hair cutting, session styling, coloring and unique balayage and ombré looks. NYC is my second home where I frequently get educated and I became a Loreal certified national balayage artist and Loreal specialized generalist (color, cut and style). My educators ranges from the best hair artists out there like Jason backe, Susie Bond, Ron Lopez, Ashley Ritcher, Shelley Moore, Jo Blackwell and more.

As an avid and continuous learner of hair, beauty and life, I work with my guests to bring out their unique features and personalities. I am that stylist that works with the guest. I cater to all genders and excited when I meet unique and daring guests. My goal is to be a hair artist in the near future. One step at a time. Finding my passion in the hair and beauty industry has come with immense blessings and I am forever grateful. You can also check my work on IG: @dovestyles

United States

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