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Beautiful hair begins with a strong canvas. Every detail of a canvas service is focused on strong, healthy hair and a commitment to your hair goal. Canvas has a quiet vibe, a central location and treats that allow you to escape your daily grind. Darcy has been an artist working in various mediums her entire life. From dancing and theater to painting and jewelry sculpture, she is passionate about creation. Hair as a medium has been present since childhood and barbie dolls. She became a stylist initially to support herself while pursuing work as an actor and quickly realized hair was her passion. 20 years later, her love affair with hair continues to grow. When shes not in the salon she can be found remodeling her home, adventuring with her dog and traveling the world seeking inspiration.

I have been with Darcy for several years now. Shes taken me from blonde to brunette to pink and awesome cuts to compliment any style I bring her. She is so experienced and knowledgeable, she can match any photo I bring in but also guide me to what is best for my hairstyle. Love our relationship!

Amiee M

Darcy saved me from one of the most devastating hairstyles of my life. I previously had my hair bleached to the point of being fried by another stylist. My sister recommended that I see Darcy. Even though eventually I had to cut off all my hair, Darcy gave me an extremely adorable pixie cut that I fell in love with and she has been extremely helpful in the process of revitalizing my hair and making it healthy again. I appreciate her endlessly.

Kenzie B

Ive been going to Darcy for years and continue to be impressed with her creativity and energy. I have thinning hair and her masterful cuts allow me to optimize the appearance of it without a load of products or a demanding styling regimen.

Katie M

Darcy came to our hotel to do bridal and bridal party hair. Everyone was so happy with how everything turned out and when I was having trouble communicating exactly how I wanted my hair to look, she was patient and took the time to get it just exactly how I was picturing it in my head. Im so happy with how everything went that day.

Miranda C

Darcy has a special creative flare which especially shines through in special occasion do’s. She has done my hair as both bride and bridesmaid and I could not have been more pleased.

Molly S

Strangers will stop you and ask you about your hair! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been stopped by total strangers that compliment my hair. I cant recommend her enough.

Sarah B

Darcy is a new stylist for me, I’m in my 50’s. The first time I met Darcy, she spoke the ‘hard truth’ to me when she told me I needed to quite coloring my hair and instead embrace the beauty of my silver hair. Darcy told me what was best for me, not what I wanted to hear. She helps us. If having beautiful hair matters to you, you need to see Darcy. Shes a gem.

Carol Y

Darcy is amazing! She goes above and beyond to ensure my hair is everything that I envisioned it to be. Her service is 5 star and I couldn’t have asked for a better hairstylist! I swear I brought her a picture of what I wanted and she brought it to life. Thank you so much Darcy! You


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