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First, let me thank you for visiting. I’ve been practicing medical aesthetics for well over a decade and since 2008 exclusively at Bellevue Dermal Arts. My office in Bellevue became my studio in Mill Creek (where I have lived for 20 years). My crazy long commute just got reduced to 5 minutes. Bellevue Dermal Arts opened after I left my position as the medical director of a large chain of medical spas throughout the state of Washington. In that position, I carried a full client load and trained all the other physicians and nurses within the network. I left the spa setting because the “heavy sell” philosophy that was required of the sales staff conflicted with my personal style of a relaxed environment. Over the years I’ve treated hundreds of clients and performed thousands of treatments. Visit the website to learn more!


I wasn’t’ new to the world of medical aesthetics when I first came to see Dr. D... As an RN, I certainly know what skillful injecting technique is all about. I’be has many treatments from her over the years and I remain dedicated to only seeing her for my treatments. I love her meticulous attention to detail. And I refer lots of folks to her!

Megan R., Kirkland

Maintaining a natural and youthful appearance now that I’m in my 50’s feels so good. I came to see Dr. Davidson on referral and now see her 2 or 3 times a year. Love the results.

Sara M, Issaquah

For me it was getting rid of that tense look, the deep vertical lines between my eyebrows, and the forehead creases. I look great and feel more confident. There is nothing overdone or fake looking. It’s all very natural.

Brent G, Seattle

I have used Botox and Fillers for about 10 years and found Dr. D. In 2014. Wow, what a different experience doing treatments with her. I do both botox and Dermal fillers. She is great. I always look forward to our visits and feel refreshed afterward. Really glad I found her.

Paula J, Sammamish

Came to Dr. D. On referral. As a first timer, I was nervous and definitely not a push over. She is super relaxed and obviously knows what she is doing. I went for it and the improvement was subtle and really great. I am back 3 times a year now, and even do some filler for my sunken cheeks.

Jason B, Edmonds

I am a gal who gets “baby botox “, just a tiny amount to deal with my way-too-wavy forehead which is really noticeable in selfies. It costs less than $50 every time I go in. I am so happy I listened to my friend. We both love Dr. D.

Tammy S, Seattle

United States

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