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Let's see a little about me: I've been blessed to have been enjoying this career since 1992. I'm a single mother of 3 amazing children that hold my heart dearly. I'm a survivor of an marriage to an alcoholic which led me to taking on an amazing journey of personal development and a mind blowing growth of who I am and who I choose to be for the world around me. I love this artistic work I get to do everyday! The thrill of making someone happy and feel beautiful or handsome if it's a man LOL is the most awesome feeling ever, so rewarding! Along with my own personal journey in life and developing myself every single day creating something new that I'm going to step into and live is awesome, because I now share that with my clients who really are not clients, they all become great friends and sometimes family. They have a safe space to come and get their beauty needs taken care of and can also take care of any emotional needs as well, I was blessed with being able to get the education and tools to be able to add a form of life coaching and giving people other perspectives of the things that are there with them. My clients always say they feel like they have been sitting in their best friends house doing hair and sharing about our lives and getting to work through things as I made them pretty. Now that's pretty awesome for me to hear, I am one lucky person! I'm a very open minded person who is huge on unconditional love for all human beings because I feel our world needs more of it. I love my profession it's not like work it's like getting to go hangout with all my friends everyday and having great conversations and play with hair LOL! Wow almost like an adult slumber party Hahahaha! So if you feel I'm a fit for your needs please feel free to reach out to me, or if you would like to chat with me to get a better feel about what I can do for your hair and what I'm all about the door and my phone are always open!

Enjoy every moment because all we are guaranteed is right now!!!


Love the Hairdoogurus! Awesome stylists!

Priscilla Esparza

Had my hair done today....love it! Thank you Dawn Deasey Katona

Rhonda Norton

United States

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