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Dean Hewett

Dean Hewett Hair

About Dean Hewett
Dean Hewett has been a part of the Wilmington hair scene since 1986, and is stylist to some of the city's most demanding and highly visible clients. Dean is a master hair colorist, specializing in both today's trendy techniques and the more classic, time-honored styles. Hair color and shape must be personalized to suit each individual. Hair is our greatest accessory and Hewett is an expert at helping the client achieve a style that will compliment the overall look. Dean attended the Madison Barber College in Nashville, Tennessee, The Troutman School of Hair Design ‚Äčand later, UNC-Wilmington. A frequent attendee of International Beauty Shows and educational events, Hewett recognizes the importance of staying fresh and on the cutting edge of hair design. Dean is married to Melody Clark Hewett and is father to three sons, Matthew Wesley and Timothy. The Hewett's reside in Wilmington with their beloved schnauzer, Sam. Hair, music and travel are Dean's passions. He is a longtime staff member at Myrtle Grove Church, serving there as the Director of Worship and Arts. Make a change today. Do something wonderful for your hair. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation.
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