Edith Villarreal


About Edith Villarreal

I was born and raised in Mexico where I studied cosmetology at an early age.  My mom was a barber and I wanted to be like her, so at 16 years old I started cosmetology school.

I moved to Austin, Texas, when I was 19 years old and started working at a Latino salon.  I worked so hard to get my own salon and by 2008 I finally got it!

Though I enjoyed operating my own salon, I realized I wanted to focus a lot more on hair extensions and color and less on managing a business.  Therefore I decided to join the Sola Salons team.  Here my customers have all my attention and I can be more creative without having to worry about anything else.  I cherish the looks on my clients faces when they see the change on their hair!  It's those moments that  remind me everyday the love I have for what I do and pushed me to keep learning.


I love this girl!!!!! When I moved here from Cuba, I was so afraid to let anybody touch my hair and for a good reason, somebody burned my hair and I had to cut it so short I was going crazy, until a friend referred me to Edith, she installed some gorgeous hair extentions and made my hair look so natural that after that I don't go to anybody else to do my hair. She's awesome!

Yaremis Fernández , Cuba

United States

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