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About Edy 281-782-1086
As a resident of Sugar Land, I have been serving this Community in the Beauty Industry for over 25 years. I have been a previous business owner in years past and am now proud to say, once again, I have had the unique opportunity to do so again. I joined the group of Professionals here at Sola Salons this year, opening my business in January, 2015. I have enjoyed every day since. I run a Full Service Salon offering a multitude of services needed by both men and women, as well as young adults. I made a promise a long time ago, to serve my clients to the best of my ability, and if one should request a service I feel I am unable to perform to that best ability, I will refer that client to a person I feel confident to do so! My main goal in this business is to put my Client's needs "FIRST"! Please take time to just stop by and say Hello, so we may get to know each other!!

"She does beautiful work" I love my Color and Cut every time!"

Ann Kantantis

"Edy makes me feel so relaxed each week that I see her. She is so attentive to all my needs. She even escorts me outside to my car after each visit."

Lorraine Minin

"I have been coming to Edy for several years, and she does a great haircut and one of the very few I've ever seen that has mastered the art of Razor Cutting!"

John Helfrick

"I've known Edy for many years, not just as my hairstylist, but personally as well. She really does care about each and every person that sits in her chair. She gives all of her attention to your needs and concerns and will do her absolute best to make sure you leave her salon satisfied! She works well with others around her and gives special attention to her many Senior Citizen Clients, which she loves and respects the most!"

Linda Smith

United States

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