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About Elise Moon
At Fleur d' Elise Salon we naturally create and enhance your hair style by making our imagination come alive while making you feel so sexy that people become intrigued with the energy you portray. Fleur d' Elise Salon uses innovative techniques and push's the boundaries of hair design. As both a hair stylist's and painter's, it is with an artist eye that we approach the craft of hair styling and coloring. During your consultation you will sense that the artist's here live to create and are always attempting to refine and strengthen every end result. We have open minded energy that welcomes collaboration. Every stylist combines their artistic strength and your desires, then responds with incredible inspiration. So whether you are looking for a classic or avant-garde style, with our artistic vision, you are sure to be pleased with your experience at Fleur d' Elise Salon.
United States

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