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About Ember Koerner

I am a master stylist that specializes in color & custom haircuts for the past17 years. I get joy and satisfaction from bringing out the true beauty of each and every one of my guests.  

I've been featured on Cleveland's Fox 8 with Kenny Crumpton for radio DJ makeovers.

I offer a wide variety of services including facial waxing & full body waxing.


Every time I see my hairstylist it’s always an adventure. Today though was one of thee best days! I was proud to walk into this hair salon! I was very intrigued with the organization skills from when I first walked into the hair salon and when I walked out. I was completely satisfied with my interactions with Ember, who is an absolute genuine-heartwarming person, who inspires me to either go big or go home with my hair! When it comes down to it at the salon we always go big! Ember knows how to put a smile on my face throughout our conversations and of course the final product of my hair which is always creativity at its finest! I just love walking into the this hair salon, knowing that I am in good hands from when I first stepped in and being asked “how was your drive in, would you like a beverage while you settle in?“ To when I left and I made my next hair appointment with Ember because I can’t wait to see what creativity she has in store for my hair next! Absolutely recommend this hair salon! You’re in good hands and good company.

Ashely S.

First time at Ember’s new Salon. I was very impressed at how quickly she put her whole business together. Very proud of Ember. I pretty much let her do what she wants with my hair. She IS the pro! My boyfriend loves my hair and that makes me happy!

Cathy B.

Ember does an amazing job!! Not only does she make me look good she makes me feel good!!! If you’re looking for a hairstylist that listens to what you are looking for, look no further!!!

Liz L.

Ember is an awesome stylist and colorist. She is passionate about her work and she is a sweet and gorgeous person. Give her a try! You won’t regret it.

Pam K.

Ember does good work. She makes you feel welcomed. I had a very great experience and look forward to my next visit. First time growing a beard and she’s helping me to get it straight.

Danny B.

Ember is the only stylist I’ve allowed to do my hair for a few years now. She is a brilliant stylist and colorist. I can’t count the number of compliments I received over the years with the work she’s done, and I’m quick to recommend her to anyone, she is absolutely fantastic!

Johanna S.

Ember did a great job on my hair. I always enjoy her company. Congratulations on your new business!

Brian M.

United States

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