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Emily Betlach

Benzell Beauty

About Emily Betlach
ABOUT EMILY BETLACH With over 15 year of experience in the beauty industry I would like to think that I have done it all. In actuality though, I have barely scratched the surface of the limitless potential my skills can allow me. I have extensive training in all skin concerns, facial techniques and the world famous Eminence Organics Hungarian massage. I have also specialized in Eyebrow and Brazilian waxing and I have 10 years of experience doing Liquifan Eyelash Extensions. I also have been doing makeup in many forms and on many canvases for over 19 years, With hundreds of wedding under my belt. When I'm not massaging my clients faces, waxing unwanted hair, extending eyelashes or working magic with my makeup brushes, you will find me at home in Osseo with my 3 beautiful children (1 of which has fur). My amazingly beautiful 9 year old Layla, my handsome, sweet 5 year old Griffin and our crazy, wild, sweet and sometimes gassy Boston terrier Gabby(12). We love long walks to the park, being involved at church, having playdates with family and friends and lots and lots and lots of Netflix movie nights:))
United States

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