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Hair By Tamara

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I am a Seattle Area Hair Loss Specialist. With over 15 years of experience.I enjoy taking continuing education classes to keep up with the latest trends in hair care.....I look forward to helping you maintain your health hair care needs.


My over all experience with Tamara is wonderful. She is the type of stylist that educates clients about their individual hair care and promotes a healthy scalp. She sales and uses products that help you continue healthy processe in your home. This is a total hair care approach....LW

Shampoo Style / Flatiron

Tamara is on point with this dry scalp of mine. ... See you next week......Lora S

Oxygen Scalp Therapy

Tamara has great attention to detail and can repair damage done by less experience stylist.....Douglas F

Hair Cut

Tamara is very nice lady and she knows what's best for my hair to grow naturally.....Tasha

Shampoo/ Flatiron

Amazing stylist...... Work is ways on point!. Stefani

Color/ Cut / Style

Tamara is an excellent stylis!!!!!Ilove that she is knowledgeable about the products that she uses, and that she strives to ensure that my hair is beautiful and healthy! Try the hair vitamins that she sells.... you'll be amazed at the rapid results in your skin and hair! Tamara has been my stylist for 5+ years, and I'm beyond grateful to have her as my hair majesty .......ELLE

Shampoo Style/ Hair Vitains

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