Hannah Hutchinson

Le Papillon Bleu

About Hannah Hutchinson

Our mission is to empower people to be comfortable and confident through our hair replacement services. In 2021, Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon was founded to serve people who are experiencing hair loss. At an increasing rate, millions of women and men suffer from hair loss symptoms. Those symptoms include Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Female or Male Hereditary Patterned Baldness, Fine-thinning Hair etc. The psychological impact of hair loss can affect a person’s self esteem and can cause mental and emotional angst. But we are here to let you know you are not alone. Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon provides a solution to restore each clients’ beauty and confidence. Our hair service consists of a variety of lengths, textures, colors, cutting edge application of wigs, toppers, extensions etc. The Founder of Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon, Hannah, has curated special hair techniques that have changed clients' lives. She is a licensed cosmetologist with experience spanning over ten years. Hannah specializes in hair replacement and extension installments. She was inspired to create Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon because she has alopecia. She understands the emotional depths of hair loss and has compassion for the hair loss community. Hannah decided to create a safe space for people to deal with their hair loss and be transformed like a metamorphosis. The origins of the name “Le Papillon Bleu” derive from the essence of a butterfly. The butterfly is often seen as a sign of life – they symbolize rebirth, transformation, growth, endurance, hope and good change within one's life cycle. The color blue represents peace – at Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon we are dedicated to delivering a tranquil and empowering experience every time. Le Papillon Bleu Hair Salon is here to assist you in shedding your old life and beginning a new one with a fabulous new hairstyle!