Heather Champion

King of Prussia Salon

About Heather Champion
I am Heather Champion, and I’m so happy to have you here, getting to know more about Wildflower Wellness Spa. I’m a licensed aesthetician, and have been in the spa industry for twenty years. I pride myself on tailoring individually customized skincare treatments for my growing list of loyal clientele. From monthly maintenance to more intensive services, what I do for skin is less about a “menu” and more about getting to know you. Being a licensed Massage Therapist I believe in the power of the mind-body connection, and have great respect for holistic approaches that empower mental and physical wellness. But I also understand the power of technology, and am constantly educating myself on industry advances that could benefit my clientele. From HydraFacials and dermaplaning to lash and brow treatments and I have the tools, the experience and the high quality products you would expect to find in high end spa’s. My goal in caring for your skin? Get to know it! Because every face is unique, and therefore so is my approach to caring for yours. From our initial consultation to regular appointments and special seasonal treatments, I’ll apply the knowledge I have already gained, but look at your skin with fresh eyes each time we meet. Skin, like people, can change over time. Some changes are subtle, and some are more obvious. But what is always evident is the way healthy skin affects your overall confidence and radiance. I love the connections I make with my clients --- hearing about your family, friends, vacation, work, hobbies --- your life! And some days, I truly lose track of time because I get so lost in caring for people’s skin. Over a lifetime, feeling comfortable in your own skin is just as important as caring for it. Whether you have just begun your journey toward a more radiant appearance, or are continuing on with me, know that your safety and health are of the utmost importance. I feel blessed to have so many people from so many backgrounds putting their skin, literally, in my hands. I thank you for trusting your body and your beauty to me. -Heather Champion

Brow Duo Beautiful spa and a super convenient location with an outside entrance at the mall. Heather is the sweetest- professional, friendly AND she is also a brow magician. She does an amazing job with my brow tint/wax and I get so many compliments on them! She also does amazing facials. You can’t trust just anybody when it comes to your face/skincare, so it is a big deal when you find someone like this! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Wildflower Wellness Spa to all of my family and friends. Stop reading this review and go make your appointment… :) 07.07.2021 · Sarah N.

Dermaplaning 30 mins, Hydrafacial Express 30 mins Heather was so warm and inviting! I had a wonderful dermaplaning/hydrafacial session with her. She listened to my concerns with a friendly ear and I felt like she truly cared about my skin goals. Awesome experience and I’m so grateful to have found her! ❤️ 07.07.2021 · Lauren