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SEXY, BEACHY & FUNKY real life hairstyles are Heather's trademark. She is passionate about revealing your inner and outer beauty that starts with a precision haircut to enhance your features and life style. The fun continues with specialized ENJOY color placement to bring out the shape and texture of your fabulous new cut and style. Say goodbye to those pesky grays!!!! Heather is certified in Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments designed to control frizz, lessen drying/styling time and add incredible shine. Once you've received a treatment, your hair will hold your style longer, reducing the use of hair product and overall maintenance. Imagine what you'll do with the extra time! To stay current with the latest trends and styles, Heather partners with companies including Enjoy, Evo and Keratin Complex and receives continuing education to stay at the top. She believes in and uses their product lines which offer the best shampoos, conditioners and styling products to maintain your fabulous, new, personal hair style.

United States

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