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Irina Li

SMS Solo Man Spa (Studio18)

About Irina Li
Irina Li, the proud owner of Sola Man Spa, started her career in 2004 and it did not take her long to develop a following of clients that appreciate her attention to detail. Irina became a Managing Licensed Cosmetologist and trained under experienced Master Cosmetologists that helped her achieve a successful career in the industry. As her client list grew, so did her knowledge of men’s grooming techniques including facials, manicures and pedicures. Irina perfected these skills serving discriminating clients while working at Butler’s in Saks Fifth Avenue. While her client list continued to grow, she learned that in the right atmosphere, men appreciate a spa like experience even when just getting a haircut. Irina’s drive and passion to create the perfect grooming experience for each client is what prompted her to start her own spa. Sola Man Spa is the culmination of Irina’s training and years of carefully listening to what men want when it comes to grooming services. She creates a profile for each client, so she can provide the same high quality service each visit. In creating Sola Man Spa, she hopes to make getting a haircut something you look forward to, and not just something that has to get done.
United States

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