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Hello Dear ones my name is Jamila April Johnson, B.A. LMP, MA60059546. I am a Professionally licensed Massage Practitioner, Esthetician and Health, Beauty & Wellness Ambassador. In all that I do, I seek to help my clients look and feel their absolute BEST. I greatly believe that everyone should maintain a regular self care routine, encouraging homeostasis and ultimately strengthening the mind-body connection. I encourage my clients to strive towards an optimal lifestyle developing habits that make them happier, healthier, and feel more connected. With a hint of pampering of course! I enjoy sharing my unique massage style, which is very fluid and is best described as a strong yet loving touch. My client base includes experience with many different body types, occupations, and massage needs ranging from professional athletes to expecting mothers. I am trained in a variety of modalities, which range from Relaxation, Deep Treatment work in addition to Sports Massage techniques! Make time for yourself to feel Beautifully Awakened & Pampered ! I look forward to meeting and pampering you soon! Most Major Insurances Accepted Including L&I, PIP Accepted

“I have been seeing Jamila consistently for massage for about a year now. I truly can say that she has the most gifted and luxurious touch. Her massages have helped to relieve the chronic soreness found in my neck and shoulders and the tight muscles throughout my body. It seems that she intuitively finds the pressure points and knots in my body that need to be dealt with. As a result I can move better, rest easier and feel satisfied after her massage sessions. A massage from her is nothing short of a blessing.” -Berlaine B.

Gifted Touch

"I was involved in a serious Motor Vehicle accident and have been using massage in conjunction with my treatment plan to help rebuild damaged muscles and scar tissues. Jamila has provided me with relaxing & rejuvenating massage. Each session has helped to remove all kinks and aches, all while ensuring that I am at ease and very relaxed. She has a true gift." - Karen G.

Serious Healing

"It would only take 10 minutes or less with Jamila's magic hands and amazing personality to become an instant fan and addicted to Beautiful Awakenings Massage. I would recommend everyone I know, and don't know, to book a massage with you. I am looking forward to my next massage, as well as the ladies night party we are planning in March so I can introduce more wonderful ladies to what they are missing out on!" Jamie C.

Ladies Spa Night

“Jamila has a very nurturing character in which I feel that she truly cares for my needs as a client. She is very professional, thorough, and always provides quality work. I truly feel revived after a massage session with her. “ -Stephen K, N.D.


"Jamila has the most nurturing touch! Do whatever it takes to get a massage from her!" Wendy H.

Bring on the Pampering

One of the BEST massages I've ever had was from Jamila! She was very profession and created an extremely relaxing environment." Erin M.

Relaxation Please

My visits to Beautiful Awakenings Massage are embodiments of both physical and therapeutic healings! I Experienced immediate relief following treatments and for days after treatments." O.I.


"Thank you for the relaxing moment amidst the March rain/hail storm. I can't begin to express how peaceful and relaxed I felt after my custom massage. You have a gentle and welcoming spirit that established trust from the moment I met you. I had a wonderful experience. Thanks again!"

Calgon Take Me Away

"I must say, Jamila has the most soft and relaxing hands I have ever felt. She really knows how to work out my aches is a gentle yet strong approach. Absolutely worth the session...and that's platinum! " Jesse D.

Gentle & strong

Jamila is by far one of the best massage practioners I've ever experienced. She is calm, focused and incredibly intuitive to the needs of her clients. I always feel so much better after a massage from Beautiful Awakenings. I'm so glad she's here." Deb B.


United States

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