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Jennie Voight

The Painted Parlor

About Jennie Voight
We are not just hair dressers, we are hair artists." Jennie has always looked at her profession in this way. Every head of hair that sits in her chair is a blank canvas for her to create something unique. Her love of color comes through when she sees any client looking to add "some fun" into their style. She believes that a hair appointment is much more than sitting in a chair for monthly maintenance. It's an experience, and it's one that can change a persons world. Her favorite part of being a stylist is making her clients smile and feel wonderful about themselves. With over 12 years behind the chair, and constant education she has been quick to pick up and deliver the newest trends in hair design. Weddings are another specialty of hers. Creating styles for brides and bridesmaids that turn the day into a real life fairytale for them. She believes keeping up with education is the surest way to giving clients what they ask for. She also believes in giving it back and has taught numerous classes in styling and wedding hair. Sending her clients home with tips and tricks for their hair is mandatory for every style, wether it's a brand new one or a refresh on an existing one. Passion is the key word for her when she is in the salon and her credo has always been, "I'm too creative for a 9-5." along with a smile.
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