Cover Up by Jenny

About Jenny

I m a proud and loving mother of 3 young boys but some of the big insecurities I had was my 3 c sections scars and all the Stretch Marks that came with being pregnant! Guess what after some research, I found the perfect solution, not only did Iove it but I became passionate on how to do it, how it worked and how to master it to help others as well. After long training, I became a Paramedical Tatoo artist and being really similar to Permanent Makeup, I now offer: Inkless Stretch Marks Treatment, Stretch Marks and Scar Brazilian Camouflage, Scar lighting. I will not stop at those services and will continue learning to provide you with more extend services to make sure anyone feel more confident and beautiful or handsome. I love empowering others and this is my share. Please don’t hesitate to inquire for more informations.