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1. How did you decide to be a hairstylist?

I always loved doing hair as a teenager and my mom suggested one day that I should check out beauty school.  I went for a tour and started that month.

2. How many years of experience do you have in the industry?

I've been a hair stylist for over 23 years.

3. What do you like most about your career?

I love all the people I've been able to meet and become friends.  My clients are really a big part of my life and I look forward to seeing them and hearing about their lives. 

I also love that I do something that makes people feel better about themselves. 

4. What was it like to transition from chair rental to having your own studio at Sola?

I've been an independent contractor for over 20 years so the transition in that aspect was an easy one.  The benefits though of truly having a place to work that I can call my own has been priceless.

5. What is the biggest change from working in a traditional salon?

Marketing myself and the salon and knowing that the success of my business is soley on myself and how I can better service my clients. 

6. What is the most rewarding aspect of business ownership for you?

A whole newfound pride in my business.  Seeing my family and even my clients be proud of where I've come has been fun to see. 

7. What do you like most about Sola? 

I love the overall space and design of the studios.  I appreciate the owners and the personal nature in which we are able to do business together.  I truly feel that they have my best interests at heart. 

8. What do your clients think about your space?

The response from my clients has been nothing but positive.  Most of my clients have been with me for a very long time so it's been fun for them to see my business evolve into what it is. I'm so grateful that they have been so happy for me. 

9. How has being in business for yourself at Sola helped your career move forward? 

I am able to really market myself in a way that I've never had to before and that has helped me really focus on what it is people are really looking for in a stylist.  It's made me more aware of each clients' personal experience while in my chair.  I don't have a full size salon atmosphere to pick up the slack where I may lack, it's fully on me to make sure that they are comfortable, that they are happy, and that they feel good about the work I'm doing for them. 

10. What is unique about your business, Suite Haven? 

We (my business partner, Marie, and I) really wanted a name that would speak to the overall atmosphere we wanted for our studio.  Something peaceful and relaxing, high quality, and a place to escape the every days stresses for a short while.  The spelling of the word "Suite" was a fun play on words to describe our space. 


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