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The Hair Options Salon Team BELIEVES BEAUTY IS NOT ONLY IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER........ IT'S ALSO IN THE HANDS OF YOUR STYLIST Hair Options Salon in McKinney, Texas offers a variety of hair and beauty salon services, including classic and trendy hairstyles, to clients that not only live in McKinney but to those that drive in from Frisco, Allen, Fairview, Anna, Melissa, Plano and other North Texas cities. Jennifer Spence – Master Stylist, Artistic Education Director, Salon Owner I believe in offering the best products, classic looks, and current trends for our guests. Hair Options Salon is a friendly and welcoming environment. I discovered my calling when I was 3-years-old. From that moment on I have immersed myself into my career. I must say that it has been a wonderful career choice! Throughout the years I have enjoyed attending, working, and presenting at many hair shows. My passion is education and working in the salon. I have worked with a few major professional product manufacturers, Keune Hair Cosmetics and Farouk Systems(CHI). The time I invested with both companies inspired me to continue growing my skill level and increasing my knowledge. Not only do I love working with my guests in the salon, I love sharing knowledge with other dedicated Stylists. I am an educator, I love leading classes and attending advanced training. In the salon, I find it very rewarding to mentor, educate new hair stylists, and to help stylists advance in their careers. To see stylists’ confidence and skills grow on a daily basis is a gift beyond measure. Personally, I love advancing my skills, knowledge, and expertise to keep my own skills up to date so that I get my guests looking their best!! I have a lifetime of dedication to the hair care industry and my clients. When I get a new or current guest in my chair, I always make sure I do a thorough consultation. During this time I will look at your face shape, color tones (skin and hair), and take the time to get to know your lifestyle so that we can successfully design a look that suits you best. I believe your hairstylist has the power to change your life. Remember: ”Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder. It’s also in the hands of your stylist”. Enjoy your life to the fullest! Awarded Best Hair Salon by Reader’s Choice 2008 Awarded Best Hair Salon, Colorist and Stylists by Reader’s Choice 2009 Awarded Best Hair Salon McKinney Magazine 2014
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