Jordan Davis

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About Jordan Davis

I am a Colorado native, and I love anything outdoors! I take my two Akitas for hikes or snowshoeing often. My husband and I really enjoy traveling, hiking, camping and fishing in the summer months. And in the winter we ski and snowboard as much as we can!

I am a licensed Esthetician, with many certifications that go along with skincare and beauty. That includes microblading( semi permanent makeup for eyebrows adding individual hair like strokes) eyelash extensions, dermaplane, chemical peel, waxing, facials and a body treatment.

I LOVE them all! For facials, backials (facial for your back) and body treatments I create a very relaxing environment with soothing sounds, smells and a comfortable bed. Then on the other hand, for other services (dependant on the client) that may be uncomfortable, I like to chat and get to know my clients. And not just their skincare and beauty needs, but also about them and their lives!

I love all my services, and I have many to accommodate to a lot of people, but also because I like to do them ALL!

United States

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