Justine Dunell Martinez


About Justine Dunell Martinez
Future client,
I am so glad you are choosing to take the time to get to know me. First and foremost I am a wife of 23+ years, a mother of two grown wonderful sons and the very proud grandmother of a four year old granddaughter. Among the many caps that my busy life requires, professionally for the last 19+ years the cap I choose is Hairstylist. I have found it is the passion as well as the ability to create solid relationships that are built on shared communication between myself and my clients, that result in total confidence that together we will come to a mutual agreement about what is the best fit and is attainable for their individual hair Type, Texture, Length, as well as personal care needs and wants. Through this communication we are better able to create a look that continues to make us both happy. as we continue to develop the best possible Stylist/Client relationships, that will endure the test of time.
I truly look forward to meeting you for a scheduled appointment or consultation to see if we would be a good future fit .

Your Hairstylist,
Justine Martinez
MiJu Studio Salon
United States

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