Citrine Skin Spa

About Karen

You know how it feels when you experience something in life and think wow, this just feels so right? That’s exactly how I felt the first day I decided to learn esthetics. And that feeling has only grown stronger over the past 11 years. It wasn’t the first, second or even the third career choice for me. I was focusing on the wrong things. I wondered if this was what life was supposed to be, and I got really, really tired. I was fired from my job, had only partial dabs of education here-and-there and was only skilled in customer service based positions . My future felt bleek. My here-and-there college experiences expended my parents college funds, they really weren’t interested in throwing away more money. I knew whatever I did next HAD to work. No fallbacks, no more second chances. So I took inventory , what was I good at, what did I like? Makeup? - hell yes. But who would take me seriously without credentials. Makeup credentials? Is that even a thing? (turns out it is :)) And then I thought about skin... Growing up I had severe psoriasis, covering a large part of both arms and legs. It was traumatic, it hurt and kids made fun of me. And because it’s worn on the outside, like some type of neon illuminating badge, I couldn’t hide it either.


When I discovered getting licensed in esthetics embraced both makeup AND skincare, it was ON! I knew what I was going to do. It was always what I was supposed to do, it was always there. I just couldn't find it.



It's now 11 years later and I have more love and respect for esthetics than I ever thought possible. I’ve learned that it’s so much more than just skin and makeup. Skin just happens to be the really cool part we get to see real change happen, in real time. It’s the part that lets my inner nerd come out in ingredient knowledge and science-y stuff. But the part of esthetics you won’t see unless you experience a skin treatment - that's the really special part. Its the part that can literally lift you up and boost your self esteem, increase your confidence and give you your power back. The part that lets you completely detach from the world and be one with yourself. Human touch and wellness is the part of being an Esthetician that sets me apart from all of the other skin nerds out there. It's the part that keeps me coming back for more because seeing you transition never gets old. I LOVE my job. Thank you for letting me be your Esthetician. It's truly an honor. I look forward to servicing you every, single day.












Ps. I have a cat, a dog and a husband that I love very much, in no particular order. :)