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Karrie Varney

Sole Spa

About Karrie Varney
I have worked as a Professional Nail-Technician for 21 years. I began this journey because I loved the art of acrylic nails. After 5 years of service, I began offering pedicures to clients. I was not interested in feet before, because after all, they’re feet, right? Much to my surprise, I grew to love giving pedicures! People usually think you “like” feet, however for me I love making people feel good and when people receive a pedicure-they feel GOOD! It is my passion to care for people and my purpose to help others take care of themselves. I am grateful that my profession opened a door for me to do that through Pedicures. Your feet are the most abused part of your body. They carry your entire weight around all day long. Feet callus, toe nails suffer, skin can dry and crack. Often, if neglected, feet can develop conditions that need more TLC. You will not only improve the health of your skin and nails, you will also experience relief and relaxation with the added massage of a Therapeutic Shiatsu Chair Massager. As I begin my journey at Sole Spa, my mission is to specialize in foot care. I do hope to meet you here, and look forward to helping you maintain healthy skin and nails. Karrie Varney
United States

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