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Kassidy Kim

Color by KassidyK

About Kassidy Kim

An Expert in Color & Extensions

With 10 years’ experience, Kassidy Kim has garnered a diverse clientele for her fluency in blonde color, achieving both sun-kissed and cool tones for a variety of hair types. From softening brunettes to brightening the dullest of blondes, she is known for creating a more youthful appearance with nuanced highlighting that frames the face.

Kassidy is a longtime partner with EasiPro Hair, the San Diego-based extension company and international innovator. She takes a less-is-more approach to extensions, carefully blending taped pieces for both fullness and natural texture rather than length alone. It’s a method that’s modern, economical and discreet with clients opting for as little as four extensions at a time.

With hallmark punctuality and scheduling flexibility (Sundays and after-office hours), Kassidy has built a repertoire of professional clients.

United States

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