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Hi, I'm Kaye Wade, Lead Stylist at Lady Hairroin Glam Boutique. I love all things beauty, travelling, and fine dining. I start my diet over EVERY Monday. Lol! Don't judge me. As a single mother of one, being a professional stylist allows me the freedom to be there for my son, and have work and life balance. 

Growing up, I was inspired by stories about my great grandmother owning the first 9 chair African American salon in Inglewood, California. Her keen business sense and drive were my motivation. I began combing my hair while in the third grade, and that's when my love affair with hair began.

Confession: I'm an education junkie. I spend most of my free time researching products, watching online education forums, attending classes, and trade shows. Being able to scientifically breakdown each service, and complement it with the finest quality products, allows me to provide my guests with the best healthy hair care. 

Let's be real. My only focus is what really matters to you and that's an amazing hair care experience. If you are tired of the typical salon visit, lack of professionalism, and waiting for countless hours due to overbooking, i'm your girl.


If you are looking for a stylist that cares more about the quality of your hair over quantity of guest in the salon, relaxing visits in a KID FREE environment, AND have the healthiest RELAXED OR NATURAL hair ever, click  here and let's get this party started

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