Kayla Newman

Hair by Kayla Newman

About Kayla Newman

I am a hairstylist with 9 years experience. I’ve owned my own Sola Salon for over four years and have been a National Color Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems for three years. I have a passion for blonde, natural lived in color and bridal styling!

I created Hair By Kayla Newman with a specific vision. I want all of my guests to walk in the door and feel relaxed, calm and at home. I love how the plants and the crystals help clean the air and create positive energy in the space.

Hair By Kayla Newman is also a 95% sustainable salon! What this means is that I recycle hair, excess color, foils and anything else that happens in the salon. I am a part of the Green Circle Salon initiative and they use our waste to create reusable energy, clean up oil spills and reduce our carbon footprint.

I invite you to come experience Hair By Kayla Newman and join me in making Beauty Beautiful!