Keaona Tovar

On Point Studio

About Keaona Tovar

Hi! My name is Keaona Tovar 🥰 I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Fresno in my youth. I am a wife and a dog-mother of the goodest boy EVER, our German Shepherd named Charlie and our new tiny addition Chalupa. 🐶 I am alumni of Paul Mitchell the School Fresno. I love nature and spontaneous travels. 🧳 My love for cosmetology began as a little girl, i remember playing dress up with my sister and aunts all of the time. Anytime that someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I was going to be a hairstylist. This passion lead to me being the best hairstylist in both middle and high school, I had a whole set up in the kitchen of my apartment. My passion for the industry has only grown deeper, I pride myself on my work and being a life long learner. I am constantly revolving as an artist and pushing myself to new limits. In creating On Point Studio, my goal was to create a space that ANYONE could come to feel welcomed and comfortable while treating themselves. I offer a list of diverse services for men, women, and children: Haircuts, Color Services, Deluxe Conditioning Treatments, Scalp Treatments, Hair Styling, Braids, Curl Specialty, Color Correction, and more! Thank you for getting to know me ☺️ I look forward to getting to know you!