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  1. How did you decide to be an esthetician?

I was an avid skincare/waxing client before I entered the industry, and my esthetician Chris was one of my favorite people.  She was so personable; I trusted her with my skin and my secrets. Each treatment was like going to a therapist.  She helped clear up my skin and gave me the confidence to put my best face forward.  When I told her I was interested in going to the AVEDA Institute Minneapolis to study, she said I would be perfect for the job.  Little did I know that was true, AND I was her coworker for 4 years!

  1. How many years of experience do you have in the industry?

8 years. 6 years into my career, I got the “itch” to go out on my own, and now I am celebrating my one-year anniversary of KLOE SALON!

  1. What do you like most about your career?

Plain and simple, I love helping people. I LOVE seeing a pleased client when they walk out my door, having received the best experience possible with a skin treatment or wax.

  1. What was it like to transition from commission to having your own studio at Sola?  

Taking a chance on yourself is always a bit scary, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The whole process has been rewarding. My husband and family were so supportive, and my stepmother encouraged me saying, “If you don’t jump, you won’t know if you can fly!” There was serious preparation before Kloe Salon opened.  I worked for hours on my own website, product research, marketing, social media networking, and learning from other entrepreneurs in the esthetics world.

  1. What is the biggest change from working in a traditional salon?

The biggest change is working for myself.  People always say their toughest boss is themselves, and it’s true!  I work “alone” in my studio, but I am never alone; I always have a client in my treatment room. I have a community of SOLA stylist neighbors, but I don’t have coworkers. Since I'm an extremely independent person, it’s the best of both worlds!

  1. What is the most rewarding aspect of business ownership for you?  

The most rewarding aspect of business ownership is seeing my hard work come to fruition. What effort I put in to my job, I get out of it multiplied by 10 in happy and returning clientele. I wouldn’t trade that for the world!

  1. What do you like most about Sola?  

Sola provided me with everything I needed to get started!  Starting with the first informational tour, Patrick and Erin answered every question along the way.  I was able to customize my studio to my exact specifications, and the studio was furnished with treatment table, retail shelves and storage space.  That gave me the time and energy to devote to product research and decorating!

  1. What do your clients think about your space?

My clients LOVE my studio!  They love the privacy, decor, cleanliness, free parking, and the boutique studio salon concept. They send their friends to me because they are so happy with the changes I have made.

  1. How has being in business for yourself at Sola helped your career move forward?  

Being in business for myself has opened many doors.  I made career decisions I never would have staying at my former salon.  I added new services to my menu, advances in skin treatments, and changed product to suit my clients’ specific needs.

  1. How has selling your own retail enhanced the service that you provide your guests/clients?

I am able to choose and sell retail that fits my clients’ exact needs.  I pick products that I believe in, that I'm passionate about, and that work!

  1. What is unique about your business, Kloe?  

Kloe Salon is unique because 80% of my business is waxing and hair removal, the other 20% being skin treatments and individual eyelash extensions.  Being able to provide a painful hair removal service in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible, with your clients smiling and happy when they walk out the door, is a very special trait to have.  Having a creative eye for symmetry is key in creating a beautiful brow shape, or a lovely set of eyelash extensions.


Krista specializes in female and male brazilian waxing, full body and facial waxing, eyelash extensions, and chemical skin treatments.  For more details, please visit Put your best face forward with Krista Leigh Olson Esthetics.  Press the "Book Now" button above to make an appointment online.  See you soon!


Amazing! Krista is so knowledgeable and sweet!

Denae , Minneapolis

One of the best skin care specialists I've ever had!

Eric , MN

always makes my brows look amazing!

C.P. , MN

Krista is the best! Always remembers what is going on with my life and provides great, friendly service!

Lauren , St. Paul

Krista is awesome!

Shannon , MN

United States

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