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About Kristen Bringgold
I have been in the Hair Industry for 30 years, which makes me sound older then I feel. Turning 50 this year is quite a milestone, but I believe in acting young, keeping fit, and staying up to date in all new hair techniques. I enjoy attending hair shows and training classes. Although the majority of my clients have been with me for as long as 28 years, I love getting to know a new client and educating them with my years of experience. Being a stylist has been my career, but I am most proud of the fact I raised two wonderful daughters, one of which is a stylist as well, and my other daughter is a nurse. I guess we all enjoy the business of taking care of people. Having a studio at Sola has been a great opportunity to grow my business while offering a private and more flexible environment. I want to thank all my devoted clients whom I now call friends and welcome any new guests looking for a stylist. I'd love to meet you!
United States

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