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Kristin (Vosburg) Matalavage


Hello and thanks for visiting. This is an exciting time for me, coming to Sola Salons after more than 20 years at Rometrics in North Olmsted. As of October 2016, I am looking forward to meeting new customers and running my own little salon I’m calling Vos Studio

From cuts to highlights to wedding updo’s, I’ve had the pleasure of serving literally thousands of customers over the years. I learned quite a bit from Aveda hair styling classes which I attended to keep up with my State of Ohio cosmetology certification. If you have a specific vision for your hair, I can follow your lead. If you’re undecided and need a consultation, let’s talk.

If you’re from the area, we may already know each other. I grew up in North Olmsted and attended high school there. I have a daughter Abigail who is now attending Westlake High School, and I live close enough to the school to hear the marching band practices. We have two big dogs and three cats (large, medium, small)…and if you want to talk about cooking, teenagers or scary movies I know all about those.

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