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I am La Toyia Bankhead and I have enjoyed working in the beauty industry since 1992. I take seriously the science of haircare, and have dedicated my energy into cultivating techniques and remedies to enhance and promote healthy hair.  I work with products that will guarantee this success.

My experience with working with various textures of hair (male and female) has enabled me to acquire insight on our hair and how to better manage it. From Flatiron work to Locs, color to haircuts, the hair fiber needs love and patience. It is my commitment to provide a personal and private experience in reaching your Hair Goals.

A little side info: I have provided services for bride, local singers, local models and fashion shows. In 2008, I started working with the Cleveland Opera. At one point heading the Wig/Makeup department.  In 2010, I started working the ‘Broadway Series’ At the Cleveland Playhouse. In 2014, I had the privilege of starting to work in the Movie sector.

It would be my pleasure to provide services for your haircare needs.

My motto is: “It’s my hair until you leave the chair”

United States

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