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Welcome!! I am Laura De Riso Licensed Esthetician. I practice skin therapy in both New York and Florida, I have licenses in both states. I formally worked for the #1 facial plastic surgeon in Orlando and have gained great experience from it. I am currently certified in Dermaplaning, micro current, chemical peels, micro needling, microdermabrasion, lymphatic facial massage, gua sha and many more skincare treatments. I perform countless amounts of customized facials! I never up charge services or have a sales pitch! I don’t have to! As a studio owner/operator there is no pressure to churn out clients all day in a cookie cutter fashion! I enjoy spending time, listening and helping my clients achieve their goals. You will always see me in my comfortable, relaxing spa! Making my clients happy, comfortable and looking their best is my goal, my passion and above all my reward!
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