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About Lauren Rose

I have been in the beauty industry since 2002 and I am very passionate about my career. I am also medically trained with an A.S. degree, specializing in elderly care. It is very important to me to provide every guest with a sanitary, relaxing, and pampering spa experience at Satori Day Spa. With the latest trends, quality service, soothing music and aromatherapy in the air you are sure to enjoy your Satori Experience! Offering both organic and natural services.

Satori means sudden awakening & enlightenment! They say that as long as there is Satori...zen will continue to exist in the world. Come find your Satori & awaken the beauty inside you! Make Satori your 'Forever Spa'


Pomegranate & Fig Pedicure

Includes: Pomegranate & Fig scrub, hydrating organic warm paraffin wax, lower leg, arm and hand massage with Pomegranate & Fig body butter. This pedicure is enhanced with a warm neck wrap and soothing cup of tea! $42

Satori... where beauty and zen collide


"I've been doing double takes of myself in the mirror looking at my brows perfection"

Satori Client

"Thank you so much Lauren, you are awesome! I definitely will be in often to see you. It was wonderful meeting you. We will see each other soon. Keep going. You are sweet and such a hardworking compassionate woman. Keep shining!"

Satori Client

United States

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