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Lisa Ferestad

Cura Hair Solutions

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About Lisa Ferestad
My name is Lisa Ferestad, I am the Owner and Creative Director of Cura Hair Solutions. From a very young age I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. I have always loved hairstyling which made it ironic that genetically, I was not graced with a head of thick, full, luxurious hair. Over time, it has only continued to get thinner. I have always had compassion for men and women with fine and thinning hair, because I struggle with these same challenges. When cutting techniques and styling products couldn't achieve the desired results, I sought out alternative options and my mission became clear. Today, at Cura Hair Solutions my focus is restoring hair. Through the use of high quality products, my goal is to create the hair of my client's dreams and elevate their self-confidence. I continue to train with the leading experts in the hair restoration, aligning myself with the best companies that offer top quality hair and the least damaging attachment methods. I walk-the-talk, wearing hair every day myself and I am committed to guiding men, women and children to achieve their best look. Cura Hair Solutions was created out of a need to help my own hair and that of my clients and is growing into a community of support and sharing of knowledge.

"As I got older, I realized my hair was getting finer and thinner. No one ever told me that could happen. I had been seeing Lisa as my hair stylist for years and as I became more and more disappointed with my hair texture and lack of fullness, she was there to listen and provide alternatives. I am willing to try lots of different things all with the idea of looking my best and Lisa has helped me each step of the way to find my best self and continue to improve on that. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to have a great head of hair while working with someone who really cares about you."

Jeanne B.

Lisa, your the best! You have changed my life! My topper is perfect! The topper itself is light and you don't know it's on your head. The color matching you picked was perfect and I get so many compliments on the haircut. Oh, did I mention I feel years younger. I don't leave home without it!

Rita G.

Lisa Ferestad and the CNC hair system were answers to my prayers! For a long time I’ve struggled with hair loss and I finally found a practical solution to my problem and a stylist with whom I feel comfortable. Lisa Ferestad and the CNC system are the BEST combination of help! I feel significantly less anxious about this issue because I wear my CNC system without fear of anyone suspecting that much of my hair is not my own, and it is comfortable too! Lisa has a kind and gentle way about her and at the same time she’s extensively trained. Lisa is both a professional and a sweet person! I have tried other hair pieces in the past and the CNC system is absolutely the best. I feel like I have finally found a long-term solution to my problem. I am grateful for Lisa and for my new hair. I feel normal again. I highly recommend Lisa Ferestad and the CNC system for anyone who is seeking supplemental hair or full hair replacements. Every time I receive a compliment on my hair I give God the glory because I consider Lisa and the CNC system as God-given gifts!


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