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Lisa Hiland

LH Studio 34

About Lisa Hiland



Lisa Hiland has 31 years of experience in the hair industry. She has always had a passion for hair. In fact, she remembers writing a paper in 6th grade about what she wanted to be when she grew up: a hairdresser of course! And as a teenager, she even worked at a shampoo factory. Doing hair is not a “job” or “work” for Lisa, because she loves it so much. She has never had a day that she didn’t want to come to work in 31 years.


Gratitude in life is important to Lisa. She is grateful that she is able to make a difference in her clients’ lives. They might be having a sad or bad day when they come to see her, but she can change that in the hour she spends with them. People love themselves when they leave!


When Lisa found out that a new Sola Salons location was coming to Woodbury Lakes, she was one of the first to signup. She had been renting a chair for 7 years so taking the next step up to owning her own studio suite was a logical step in her career progression. When renting a chair, it wasn’t her own and she had less control over her career since the salon owner was making decisions and choices. Sola Salons provides Lisa with the freedom and independence that renting a chair lacked. And she makes more money!


At Sola, she loves the control she has. She makes her own choices. She can be with her family and take vacation when she wants. She can come and go as she pleases. She decorated her studio herself, plays the music she chooses, and sells products she believes in. She also setup a small boutique in her studio to sell jewelry and scarves.


From her clients’ perspective, they absolutely love the privacy and one on one time that the Lisa’s studio provides. Lisa gets to spend more time with them without any interruptions or distractions, like there would typically be in a traditional salon setting. Her clients get a sense of peace in her studio because of the relaxing environment that she created. Being a female entrepreneur is empowering. Her advice to other young women is to not be afraid, follow your dreams, and go for it!


To book an appointment with Lisa, call 651-492-0133. 

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