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Welcome to Lisa Schwab’s Hair Studio:

Healthy Beautiful Hair, Clean working Products, a Fresh breathing Salon environment and a Healthy YOU... is what my Studio Salon is all about. I am the stylist that cares about hair and health equally and refuses to compromise one for the other.

So for all people who care about quality and health and especially those of you with health issues, asthma, allergies, neurological diseases(MS), skin issues( psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema...), cancer or in cancer recovery....and many more concerns.....THESE products are for you!

SCHWARZKOPF is my hair color of choice:

My Color line is European Union Compliant. That means, while the U.S. bans about 23 toxic ingredients, the EU bans over 1300. Our skin is our largest organ that absorbs....everything. I refuse to use products that may be causing harm to our hair, our skin, or reproductive organs and our brains! You will not find any of them here!

It has fabulous scalp comfort and is true to color. Schwarzkopf leaves your hair beautiful, natural looking and with a radiant shine.


My Haircare used in studio and for your take home haircare needs are:




Again....I am about Cutting and Coloring your Hair to make you look and feel and look your best while using products that are healthy versus compromising your health.....if that is what you are about too...then come see me! You do not have to sacrifice health for beauty! I also perform facial waxing of the brows, lip and chin.

Call or text me for an appointment today! 763-957-0611

I do natural hair ( no extensions) and as you can see: men, women, teens...young and old. Absolutely individual and personal looks to show YOUR personality, not mine.



Quality, superior service! Excellent customer service and high quality care put into the experience. Great products used and provided. A+


Above and beyond!!!!


Extreme professionalism---knowledge, trustworthy, quality, caring and absolutely the BEST--- You are loved!!!!


Lisa spent time getting to know my hair and me! She asked questions, shared ideas, made a plan. I really appreciated the time and expertise she shared today.


Chose the right hair dresser years ago.


A wonderful blessing--genuinely cares and provides solutions for so many issues. It's always the highlight of my day. Lisa is so loved--by all.


Charming proprietor.


Personality. A wonderful person and fun to be around.


Great cut. Connectivity and fellowship. Your the Best!

Gail N

Even if I didn't need a haircut, Lisa would be the person I'd visit. She is always smiling, upbeat and a wealth of information! Having said that, I did need a haircut, and love my short hair!


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