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Welcome to Lisa Schwab’s Studio: My focus is in the Cutting and Coloring of Hair while Maintaining Health for All. Natural, real, colored, short, long, men’s or women’s. Absolutely no extensions. I have been very fortunate to have learned from many widely known and extremely talented hair artists in the past 33 years including but not limited to: Rocco Altobelli, Robert Cromean, Horst, Eric Fisher, Andrew Dale, Chris Appleton, Sonya Dove, Candy Shaw, Beth Minardi, Nick Arrojo, Kim Vo, Oscar Bond, Bea Clark, Martin Parsons and John A’mico...Schwarzkopf, Surface Hair(Wayne Grund), Oligo and Pravana color. My specialized training came directly from Rocco Altobelli himself. I was a Hair cutting specialist in The Bonaventure location in Minnetonka. In working with Rocco Altobelli, I also had the privilege of doing hair for the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders. I was being groomed to be a platform artist and was blessed to have the opportunity to also do a little side of a T.V. Spring Hair Trend Promotional. Pursuing all that was wonderful, but I found myself struggling with the chemicals that were used daily on myself and others. That led me to redirect my focus for not only myself....but for YOU. Hair AND Health has NOW been my combined passion for the last 15 years. My goal now is to provide you with the best hair service AND healthiest products possible, yet have them still perform exquisitely. My haircare line of choice: UNITE Free from sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride. I use Nufree Nudesse for facial hair removal. Nufree is not a wax. It is a natural anti-bacterial hair removal system created by plastic surgeons for the most delicate of skin. My professional hair color of choice is Schwarzkopf Professional. Fabulous grey coverage. *A tip or “informative” note: Schwarzkopf is a very low ammonia based color. The new fad of today is to go ammonia free or ppd free to be healthier. That typically means a synthetic substitute has to be used (think butter versus margarine and what happened there) MEA tends to be the product of choice then. Now know that ammonia is a natural product. Yes, it goes airborne the moment the product is combined but then dissipates, processes and rinses free and clear from the hair. (That should be a concern for me, not you) MEA doesn’t go airborne BUT....EVERY time you wet your hair, wash your hair, re-activates the synthetic MEA on your scalp! Not good. The European Union (EU) has deemed over 1300 ingredients unsafe and have banned them for use in all personal care products. That means a healthier color choice for you and your body. And yes, then you still get to color your hair! (The US has banned only 23, and does NOT regulate personal care products). I do not use just anything: Everything I do and use is intentional. I am precise and intentional using high quality products and ingredients that I believe to be the healthiest and safest at this time. If the above priorities fit with what you are looking for, then I am your haircare professional! Call or text me for an appointment today! 763-957-0611. Pricing: all services are ala carte. However, blow-outs are included with any cut or color. Haircut: $75 Color prices vary based on many factors: talk with stylist before if needed. Baseline: Beginning prices: Color retouch: $95+ Color retouch w/o a scheduled haircut: $115+ Retouch foil: $175+ Bang trim: $19 Blowout/ style: $65+ Facial waxes: $22-25 Listed above are the most requested services. Other services are offered....ask for pricing ahead if needed.

Quality, superior service! Excellent customer service and high quality care put into the experience. Great products used and provided. A+


Above and beyond!!!!


Extreme professionalism---knowledge, trustworthy, quality, caring and absolutely the BEST--- You are loved!!!!


Lisa spent time getting to know my hair and me! She asked questions, shared ideas, made a plan. I really appreciated the time and expertise she shared today.


Chose the right hair dresser years ago.


A wonderful blessing--genuinely cares and provides solutions for so many issues. It's always the highlight of my day. Lisa is so loved--by all.


Charming proprietor.


Personality. A wonderful person and fun to be around.


Great cut. Connectivity and fellowship. Your the Best!

Gail N

Even if I didn't need a haircut, Lisa would be the person I'd visit. She is always smiling, upbeat and a wealth of information! Having said that, I did need a haircut, and love my short hair!


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