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Lori Lane-Sartain

Lori Lane Sartain


Lori first did my nails for my wedding. I was amazed with her work. Flawless nails- perfection for a perfectionist like me. She has always been up to date on new styles and trends and has all sorts of fun stuff to choose from. Her artwork and creativity are nothing like I've ever seen! Aside from being an amazing person she only uses quality and non-toxic products. Prior to visiting her my nails were starting to look really bad. Any (and most) salons out there use horrible chemicals on your nails. Lori would never do this! She always puts my health first.

Lindsey Dietz

I would highly recommend Lori Lane Sartain for nails and pedicures! I've been going to Lori for years and love her work and her! Her work is AAAA+++++

D'Ann Johnson

United States

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