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I became a licensed massage therapist in 1993. Graduated from the first established school for massage in Miami Educating Hands School Of Massage Therapy. Landing my first job in the prestigious Bal Harbour community. Soon after came the Delano on South Beach. Now it was time for me to branch out and work on my own. I started “The Perfect Treatment” house call service. This went on for 10 years including celebrity clientele. Next came marriage and the birth of a son. I decided to go back to spa work. First up, the opening of the Viceroy downtown Brickell Ave. The year was 2009 with the economy taking a down turn I decided to go back to school. But not yet before getting hired at the infamous Fountaine Bleau Resort. The Blu had just gone through its unveiling with a 10 billion dollar make over. This caught my curiosity. I stayed happily employed there for 5 years. Finished my degree in Occupational Therapy. Persued working in a skilled nursing facility in Fort Lauderdale for one year before making the move back to my hometown San Diego. Took up a per diem job here in San Diego with OT. It did not take long for me to miss my first love, massage therapy. I chose to work with the Rancho Bernardo Inn and now after 2 years I am ready to do what I always dreamed of and that dream was to open my own shop. So, here I am so happy to make my dreams come true and to serve all of you soon! With my 25 years experience I have to say, I truly love what I do ! There is no other place I would rather be than giving my best by listening to what each individual client brings to the table. I will address each and every one of you with empathy and compassion for whatever the world may be throwing at you in that moment. So when you are ready I am here waiting to take that discomfort away.


“I am a massage therapist. Louise is very knowledgeable about the human body. She has an amazing therapeutic touch.”

Jocille Ady, CMT

One of the best massages I ever had was by Louise of Massage Perfected ! Louise uses her magic hands and her expert technique to create an amazing massage experience tailored to your exact needs. Do yourself a favor and call Louise at Massage Perfected today for the massage of your life .

Linda Snyder

Louise is an amazing therapist with 25 years experience guiding her! As a therapist myself she is one of only a handful of people I will let work on me. I highly recommend her!

Lisa Grier, CMT

I came to Louise after straining my upper back. I have ongoing issues with fragile bones so finding a massage therapist that meets my needs is a challenge. Louise instantly made me feel comfortable. She addressed the knot on my back with gentle persistence. She not only gave me a wonderful therapeutic and relaxing massage. The knot was completely gone. Louise has experience in many types of massage. Whatever your needs are, she will meet them. I strongly recommend her.

K. Gurly

The best professional massage I ever had was with Louise . Miss you very much and congratulations on your new project!

Sara Peña Miami FL.

Louise works wonders on my back. Especially when it’s locked up. Most the time when it locks up I can’t move and she does the best job out of anybody that I’ve ever had massage my back. She is the best in my opinion.

Craig Huffman

United States

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