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So first, a little about myself. I’m a born and bred Utahn. Married to the man of my dreams with a dream baby girl who was born March 2017! In my free time I like to watch movies, visit family and friends, be outside, and sometimes worship my Harry Potter shrine. (The Harry Potter part may or may not be true...) But let’s be honest, I have a baby so I don’t really have free time!!

Second, I should tell you that I LOVE doing hair! I have been doing it since 2013, and I have truly found a passion for it that I honestly never expected. But that passion is what has driven me to work hard, continue my education, and practice practice practice so that I can give every guest the very best experience and make all their hair dreams come true!

I attended cosmetology school at Taylor Andrews Academy in Orem, and while there I took advantage of every opportunity I could to learn and grow my craft. In July 2015, I was one of 300 cosmetology students chosen nationwide to attend the Beacon program in Las Vegas, where I took classes from some of the best of the best in the beauty industry and attended the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). It was an experience I will never forget!

After I graduated from Taylor Andrews, I spent a little less than a year working in a salon in an ULTA, until I got my dream job working for Lunatic Fringe Salon in Holladay. I spent over 2 years there building a clientele and learning from the amazing Lunatic Fringe team, and that’s when I got the courage to venture out on my own and start my own business! And now you will find me here at Sola, where I hope to be for a long long time. So come see me at M.Castle Hair. I would love to meet you and make all your hair dreams come true!



“Mandy is AMAZING. I first came to her for a color correction. The person I went to before her completely ruined my hair, and turned my hair 2 different colors. Long story short, Mandy completely reversed the problem. She’s amazing! She genuinely listens to what you want, and explains the process of everything she’s doing. Not to mention she’s got the cutest personality! I 100% recommend her to anyone thinking about trying her out. My sister and 2 friends go to her as well. I promise you won’t regret it! She’s the BEST at everything she does.”

Laci D.

“Where do I even begin??! This girl is so amazing! She knows exactly what to do with your hair and she EXPLAINS (which is major in my book) what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and how she’s doing it to make sure that you fully understand so that you feel completely comfortable. She takes your hair inspiration into account and makes sure that you’re fully satisfied with the results. She’s super genuine and friendly! And her talent is out of this world!! I definitely, highly recommend Mandy! She’s great at what she does.”

Gina D.

“Best blue hair I’ve ever had! I love the attention and detail she gives to both color and cuts. I’m so excited she’s moving closer to where I can go to her more often.”

Hiroko J.

“You are the ONLY person I trust to do my hair. I can’t wait to get my hair done by you again! MCastle Hair customer for life! If you don’t believe that Mandy LeBaron Castleberry is the best please see the transformation she gave me here (in pictures), no other proof needed! Also, I won’t speak for others, but everyone I’ve referred to you will now ONLY see you too 😉 Because you really are the BEST!“

Kandace L.

“Mandy did my hair a while back when I was wanting something different and to chop all my hair off. She did an amazing job with the cut and color and I got so many compliments for a long time after. She made me feel great!”

Mari P.

“I went and got my hair done with Mandy for the first time EVER, because the person I had doing my hair before her could NEVER achieve the color I wanted. I went in and told her exactly what I wanted and she was just like "k cool." Then she whipped up her magical hair color and it was BEYOND perfection! I've never loved my hair this much! 20/10. Recommended 100%!”

Allie L.

“Mandy is SO talented at doing hair! She truly has a gift for making people look and feel beautiful. Recently she cut my hair into a pixie, which I’m loving 😊 I’m amazed at all the styles and colors she can do; every hairstyle she does is perfection. Mandy is easy to talk to and is genuine, she’s the whole package when it comes to a hairstylist! She’s the best!!”

Catie P.

United States

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