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Marwa Noor

Great Arches

About Marwa Noor
My name is Marwa Noor, owner of Great Arches Threading Lounge. I am from Egypt where the art of threading started at the times of Cleopatra. I have over 20 years of experience in threading. I specialize in eyebrows shaping and body sugar waxing. I believe that using old school methods to beautify women is the best and safest way. Threading and sugar waxing have been used for thousands of years and continue to be popular. I realize a lot of people are trying to stay healthy; if you take care of yourself and your body by eating healthy and exercising, then you should also follow the same rule when it comes to beautifying yourself. Stay away from chemicals, and go back to the natural methods and products. Threading is the most organic way to remove unwanted facial hair using 100% cotton thread that is manipulated in such a way to remove hair from the root, leaving the skin clean and smooth with zero damage. Sugar wax is organic homemade wax that contains sugar, lime juice and water without chemicals or, unknown damaging ingredients. Sugar wax adheres to the hair, not the skin, making is more gentle and with zero irritation. Great Arches also provides eyelashes and EYEBROWS EXTENSIONS!

" This place is so cute and welcoming. Marwa is the best. She is the only person I trust with my brows!!! Highly recommended"

Jamie Reyes

"She is friendly, professional, amd always does a great job! I have been going to her for almost four years"

Michele Lynn

"Marwa is beyond amazing! I have been a loyal client for over 5 years and would never of going anywhere else. I have recommended her to some of my close, very picky friends, and they have only came out of her shop impressed. Marwa is passionate about what she does and you can see the results in her work don't just see " anyone" to get your brows tamed, see Marwa...dah"

Stephanie Warren

United States

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