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Mary Joy Kellman

MJ Studio

About Mary Joy Kellman
MJ peers at you through slightly squinted eyes. She's checking you out, evaluating. She steps back, looks you up and down, and she's done. "Here's what we're gonna do" she says. And after you're in the stylist's chair she does it; a busy process that involves expertly mixing chemicals, applying various formulations, snipping, combing, all the while talking to you in that sing song Rhode Island accent she never lost even though she hasn't been home in years. This is where MJ's is at her best. Being creative, deftly bringing out the best in every client. She gets excited at the transformation taking place. You sense something magical is happening but you're not allowed to see until she's finished. Instinctively, you trust her. There's an artistry and warmth to her that always seems to come through even when she's not actually working. Finally, it's over. She places you in front of the big mirror and you gasp in surpirse. The hairstyle, the color, the makeup, it's perfect. You never knew you could look this way, but now you do. After many hugs, you leave more than just a client. You are a friend.
United States

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