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Mary Radewahn LMT, MA-77776 / MM-34068

Power of Touch Naples Massage

Mary Radewahn believes in The Power Of Touch. Nationally certified for over 15 years. Mary has massaged a wide array of clients – from hospice patients to NFL football players. Mary's exciting past includes owning Alternative Health on Marco Island, Fla., massaging golfers at The Rio Grande Golf Resort in Colorado, Yampa Hot-springs Resort in Glenwood Springs, Col. Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, Ca., and VI @ The Bentley in Naples, Fl.

Mary is the massage therapist for the MS Society of SW Florida.

Mary is not foreign to pain. At age 5 she had polio and suffered from spondylolesthesis at age ten. Dr's. advised her that she may never walk again, but a strong believer In a higher power has always pulled her through. When asked, what has made you successful? She responds with, “It's simple, when you have the passion, nothing can fail.”

Mary can be reached at (239) 571-2903 . Texting is Preferred and may get a quicker response!

Massage offers an escape from turmoil of everyday life by helping release stress which is responsible for up to 80% of all disease, according to researchers.

Massage has been shown to maintain stability and enhance performance in nearly all of the body's major systems: muscular, skeletal, circulatory, and nervous systems.

Massage can affect you on physical, mental and emotional levels maintaining homeostasis (inner balance).

Massage is a powerful method of treating and preventing pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

In particular massage:

improves circulation

improves metabolism, release of toxins and waste products

Relaxes muscle and improves joint mobility

Improves posture and prevents new injuries

Improves muscle tone

Promotes well- nourished and healthy skin

Improves immune system functioning

Increases strength, balance and flexibility

Enhances athletic performance

Improves energy flow – increases awareness of mind body connection

Reduces tension, stress, fatigue, frustration, and anxiety

Restores a calm mind and feeling of well being

Enhances self image and clarity of thought


The Benefits of Cupping

Relieves inflammation

Breaks up congestion

Pulls new blood supply to skin

Loosens adhesions

Sedates nervous system

Stretches muscles & connective tissue

Strengthens immune system by promoting flow of lymphatic fluid

Removes toxins, pathogens & promotes fresh oxygenated nutrient rich blood & lymph

Increases range of motion

Release / softens scar tissue

Release deep muscle tissue

Improves circulation


“Mary invented the “power of touch”. When I first experienced a deep tissue massage from Mary- I was floating from the experience. I wasn’t quite sure what to attribute it to until I had a repeat. Mary’s energy transcends into her massages. The ‘power’ behind the touch. Her hands create a healing positive energy that relaxes and releases tension. I am a type A- who carries their stress in their body- in particularly their shoulders. Mary lowered my ‘edge’ and created a calmness of self. Mary gives you her undivided attention and believes in everything she does. She learns your body and what you need and want. She keeps current with new therapies, products and approaches and does her utmost to give you a satisfying experience. Mary believes in the power of touch and her customers become believers. I have had many deep tissue massages but none as Mary does. Mary identifies and gives attention to the areas that need massage. Mary’s hugs are genuine and soothing. Mary makes a bond with her customers- takes their concerns and needs to heart and gives you the most relaxing massage experience you will ever have.Massage makes a difference in peoples lives- young, old, healthy, frail-due to the power of touch!” Susan Keener, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

Susan Keener

“Mary is truly the best massage therapist I have ever been to!! The experience went beyond physical touch as I felt her energy flowing through my body.I would highly recommend Mary to anyone. She is talented, passionate and well educated. I was impressed with her knowledge of muscles and the circulatory system.” Danielle M. Beverly Hills, RN, Michigan

Danielle, RN

“Mary is amazing!!! The BEST ever!!! She has helped me more than anyone else!!! I am free of pain because of Mary and her hands!!! Her touch is powerful!!!” Mary M. Herndon, Virginia

Mary Herron

“Mary was my last stop in search of a great therapist! I travel from Ft Myers to Naples for the best of the best. I highly recommend her, you will never feel better and never be disappointed.” Dr. C. Wrenn

Dr. C. Wrenn

Magic hands! That is what I call Mary. She has the passion for bodywork you just can’t find anymore. Shop no more! Mike Steele – Saginaw, Michigan

Mike Steele

Mary Gives the kind of massage that makes you feel like you had a spiritual experience along with your body feeling like you’re 20 years old again. She listens to what you want and gives in total service as she listens to what the body needs as well. Steph Perlowski Realtor, spirtual guide, life coach

Steph Perlowski

Mary is an absolutely amazing therapist. I live several states away, and I don’t get bodywork nearly as often ad I should. Being that she lived in Denver for many years, she visits occasionally, and when she does, I always make an appointment with her. She finds spots on my body I didn’t even know we’re tight. Thanks to her, I got a new pillow on my bed because I had reduced range of motion in my neck….and didn’t even know until she pointed it out! Wow!!! She’s got the education AND the goods. An incredible therapist, and if you let her get her hands on you, you’ll never want another bodyworker! Douglas Orwig – Denver, Colorado

Douglas Orwig

The best massage I have had in a long time. Very therapeutic, flet very relaxed and renewed. I highly recommend this lady! Morag Germaine – Naples, Florida

Moral Germaine

“After nursing in ICU for 27 years and accumulating many aches and pains, Mary was the best relief I ever had. After just a few massages she provided such relief! She is awesome at what she does with the healing hands of an angel.” Sharon K. Saginaw, RN, Michigan

Sharon K, RN

e – Naples, Florida We have both had regular massages for many years in the many places we have lived. We think that Mary Radewahn is outstanding.She is an excellent Massage Therapist; willing to work with you for different problems, very caring and lots of fun! We highly recommend her. Mary and Ben Benson – Naples, Florida

Mary & Ben Benson