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I am a BodyMind Coach with a background in therapeutic massage. I provide clients with tools to help them understand the connection between the body and the mind. With this knowledge they are able to function in a more authentic way which helps them to reduce stress and tension. Not only can this reduce physical pain, but it can improve confidence, stamina, and wellbeing. With these tools and this knowledge, my clients are better prepared to meet the stresses of everyday life. My background as a Licensed Massage Therapist qualifies me to offer massage as an option for embodiment in my BodyMind sessions. In the BodyMind Method the term embodiment means listening not only to your brain, but to your body as well. When you are able to experience embodiment, you are able to more fully listen to the language of the body and understand the messages that it is trying to communicate to you. When you are able to understand these messages, you can approach your life in a more fulfilling and accurate way. There are dozens of ways to get "embodied". I specialize in helping you achieve this state through my three available coaching services. In my virtual sessions, we can use multiple options to achieve embodiment, such as meditation, visualization, and dance, to name a few. In my walk and talk sessions, we use walking, preferably in nature, to achieve this state. In my BodyMind massage sessions we use massage to help accomplish this state of wholeness.

I have been receiving Bodymind coaching from McKenzie for a few months now! Since we don’t live close, we meet virtually. She is punctual, organized & talented. Her approach to coaching is kind & supportive; yet still holding me accountable to take the necessary actions in changing my life. She helps me to get grounded when I’m over analyzing & to be more connected with my body. Ultimately, she’s helped me lay the bricks down to walk on a better path. So many things have shift in my life since working with her & I am so very grateful to have found her coaching! Thank you McKenzie, you are the best!!

Stephanie J.

United States

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