Migdalia Nogales

D'Luxe Hair Pro & Blow

About Migdalia Nogales


I got my start in Hermosillo Mexico working at a Paul Mitchell salon. I loved it there! Eight years quickly flew by and life brought me a new opportunity in Tucson.

I adapted well to this enchanting new town. I dove into hairstyling for a decade meeting incredible clients and fabulous friends that became like family to me. Having an adventurous spirit…

I decided to take the plunge and move to California to practice and perfect my craft there! I was delighted be working near the ocean at a fabulous salon but after 3 years Tucson was still on my mind.

I came back to T-Town to my amazing family and friends. As they say…there’s no place like home.

I’m very excited to bring back all that I have learned in my 20+ years as a stylist. I’m fascinated how my work can completely change, not just how people look,

but also how they feel about themselves. Therefore, I constantly work on improving my skills, learning new techniques, experimenting and keeping myself up to date with current trends. I’ve worked with all types of hair, I enjoy creating new haircuts and the process of finding a client’s own style.

Through the years “Extensions” and “Hairstyling” have become my speciality.

If you’ve always dreamt of making changes or are struggling to embrace your natural hair just give me a call!