Morgan Hickerson

Sol Kissed Beauty Lounge

About Morgan Hickerson

Hey there! My name is Morgan Hickerson. I work in studio 23, Sol Kissed Beauty Lounge!   

I've been in the beauty industry since 2006. A few years back I was able to travel to Goldwell Academy where I participated in 4 levels of a master colorist program over the course of a year's time. With that extra education, along with the MANY other classes that are offered to me, I have been inspired to my depths and have the confidence and experience I need to provide my clients with the service they desire. Many opportunities have been handed to me and I haven't hesitated to grab ahold of them. I was employed for a few years by MAC Cosmetics and through them I was able to learn a lot and now I work as not only a hairstylist but a makeup artist. Not only do I love color, I have a passion for event styling and would love to get you glammed up for a special event in your future! 


I was born in Chandler, Arizona, on a full moon. Which coincidentally Halloween is my favorite holiday! I met my husband in ‘06 at a dance club and we married in 2012. For the record, we still love to dance! Together we have a beautiful son and have made an amazing life together so far. Aside from my family, I love hot wings, shopping, and being barefoot. Some would say, you will never see me without my acrylic nails, my hoop earrings, and a smile! Typically, I'm the loudest in the room and the party don't start til I walk in! In my spare time I love to cook, read about fashion trends, watch music videos and dance (obviously)!  What else can I say, I’m an 80’s baby but the 90’ made me!


I’m loyal, supportive, passionate, and non judgmental. I don't take life for granted and I believe that all time is valuable. I'm not here to waste yours or mine. Positivity is what helps me thrive and I'm hoping we cross paths, in the salon, so I can help you feel the most beautiful you've ever felt. You GLO Girl!