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Nicole Hawkins

Salon Refuge (a Suite Escape)

About Nicole Hawkins
Cosmetologist Originally from the West Coast I have lived in the Quad Cities for 10 years. I completed my training in Las Vegas, and continued my education at 3 salons across Southern California as an assistant. I also learned extensive product knowledge while working as a Customer Service Representative for Sexy Hair Concepts . Liscensed in 3 states, I have been an artist in the industry for 17 years. In 2014 I opened Salon Refuge ( a Suite Escape ) for my guests after searching to find an atmosphere and experience I could only tailor make and provide myself. Salon Refuge is a boutique salon suite created to be an ‘escape from the chaos of life’. Specializing in Color, Up Work/ Styling, I am also a certified Hot Heads Extension Artist. From 2015-2018 I traveled the Midwest as an Educator for Z.One Concept, on behalf of Professional Salon Concepts. I am often been asked: Where did the name "Refuge" come from? After being a part of varied salons I found elements of the environment I wanted to provide, but never the experience as a whole. I found that I was craving a space to exist unencumbered..... A safe space that reminds you of the comforts of home. A space to come as you are, a place that inspires you, and a space to belong. A Suite Escape from the Chaos of Life... Life is something to celebrate and all are invited! You can always sit with me, in my chair. You're invited to a space that is safe and inclusive for all. A space that encourages creativity, community, art, relationship, relaxation and will leave you better than how you were found. Our time is precious friend, and I can't wait to have you.
United States

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