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Nina Quarto

Bare Bodies Facial Rejuvenation & Waxing

About Nina Quarto
Welcome to Bare Bodies by Nina where technology and holistic practices come together to give you beautiful healthy skin. I have been a practicing Esthetician for over 11 years, Specializing in Facial Rejuvenation for Healthier Aging and Cellular Vitality. I grew up here in Florida at the beach every weekend with more sunburns than I care to remember. Hawaian Tropic and Bandis Ole were my favorites as a teen, not a hint of sun protection in sight. When I was in my mid 40’s I attended Florida College of Natural Health where they taught us all the damage we had done to our skin (insert sad face). The beginning of my career I focused primarily on body waxing with skin care taking a back seat. As I perfected my craft I began to take more of an interest in facial care because I wasn’t getting any younger and those laugh lines were starting to show. Action needed to be taken. I took all types of classes from some amazing educators, making sure to learn about the best way to care for my skin. Then I was introduced to a modality called Microcurrent, bought my first machine and I was hooked. A machine that lifted and sculpted the muscles of the body without surgery, injections or fillers, AMAZING! Since then the original machine has been upgraded, I have perfected my technique and knowledge of complementing modalities. Microcurrent, Collagen Induction Therapy (Needling), Plasma Lifting, LED Light Therapy, Dermaplaning and Peptides have all been amazing tools for my successful protocols. But these are just part of the puzzle. I began exploring holistic tools to use as well to help relax the mind, renew the body and revive the soul of each person who honored my table. Guasha, Crystals, Grounding, Sound, Essential Oils and Jade Infrared, are components that are extremely important when treating the whole body. Facial Sculpting, Facia Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Cupping and Specialty Massage are also incorporated into each treatment. Making every experience unique to the needs and energy of each client. My thirst for knowledge keeps me up to date on the latest skin care routines and techniques because “once you stop learning you start dying” Albert Einstein. I currently reside in Boynton Beach with Meatball and have my mother and daughter’s family nearby. While the rest of my grandchildren, a total of 3 in all, are held hostage in the cold state of Michigan by my son and his beautiful wife. I love them all and as I continue to grow my business, bring the in best possible equipment and increase my knowledge, I always remember that I work hard for you so I can spoil my grand-babies every chance I get. I hope you will give me the chance to earn your business. Thank you & Live Beautifully! Nina Quarto

5.0 star rating 12/17/2015 I just finished my 3rd appointment with Nina. She does a great job for a very fair price! I really love the online scheduling and payment portal that she offers, it makes it very easy to coordinate within my busy schedule. I definitely recommend Nina and Bare Bodies :)

Ron P. , West Palm Beach, FL

5.0 star rating 8/6/2015 Nina is passionate about what she does and truly goes out of her way to make the experience relaxing and enjoyable. You start off by filling out an intake form so she knows if you are allergic to anything, etc, and is very thorough before actually beginning. I almost feel asleep I was so relaxed. She also incorporated essential oils into her practice which I am a huge fan of. I was extremely happy when she got a damp towel that had been soaking in a deliciously scented Young Living essential oil as part of the experience. The combination of the aromatherapy and the facial was just incredible. In addition to the service, Nina gave me recommendations that have been extremely helpful for maintenance. I would highly recommend her!

Jaclyn G. , Boca Raton, FL

5.0 star rating 8/4/2015 Nina believes that one facial does not fit all, and depending on the condition of my skin will create a facial for what my skin needs on that day. She is the expert and will always explain why she is doing this or that on my skin. She always keeps abreast of new treatments which is important for your facialist to know what is the newest but also what works. I always leave with glowing and refreshed skin. Her new space is wonderfully quiet and calming and no distractions, so her only focus is on me. I also like that Nina is my one stop for anti-aging facials, waxing and electrolysis so I can have all my needs taken care of in one place. Here new Anti-aging facial is the best I have ever had and now my new favorite. If you want glowing and fabulous skin book with Nina. Also has online booking so I can just book my appointments myself. Love that as well.

Aj G. , Fort Lauderdale, FL

5.0 star rating 9/10/2015 Ahhhh love my Nina! I've been with Nina for years and she's awesome. Love her micro current and waxing service. And the new location is so cute and relaxing. Can't wait for my next treatment. She always has some great new product for me to try. Toto ally spoiled.

Stacy N. , Boynton Beach, FL

5.0 star rating 8/9/2015 Nina is very professional, she set me at ease as this was the first time having my back waxed. She kept my mind off what was happening, my girlfriend was very happy with the results. I will be going back to Nina.

Gary B. , West Palm Beach, FL

5.0 star rating 8/11/2015 Let me start by saying that Nina is fantastic!! You enter Nina's treatment room and are enveloped in a cozy, welcoming space. Nina is very astute and pinpoints exactly what you need and recommends treatments from there. As your treatment progresses, you (and your skin!) are soothed and rejuvenated. The last time I was with her, it was an oxygen treatment and boy was it amazing! You will come out of your session with a softness and a glow. Nina is passionate and dedicated to making your skin the absolute best that it can be; from peels to the promotion of good home care and a reminder to wear your sunscreen (!!), a visit with Nina will make you realize that you can achieve the best skin care at the hands of her dedication. Thanks for making a difference!!

Liz N. , Lake Worth, FL

5.0 star rating 8/7/2015 Great place! So clean and professional! Nina is a master in her craft. I completely trust in her for all my skin care needs. I recommend Bare Bodies to everyone!

Tracy K. , West Palm Beach. FL

5.0 star rating 8/6/2015 I've been going to Bare Bodies for several years now. Her salon is always clean and more importantly she never double dips her wax sticks. May sound silly to some people but to me it provides a safety health standard that all places should adhere to and don't. The owner Nina is very gentle, listens to you if you have sensitive areas and always accommodating with appointments.

Carolyn H. , Lake Worth, FL

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