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I graduated from Aveda Institute in 1999 as an Esthetician/Skin Care Specialist. I’m a minimalist and naturalist at heart, so I find that simplicity and the less is more philosophy a good approach to skincare, beauty and life. The skincare I use for facials is formulated to give skin the ability to regenerate itself from stimulation and nourishment with appropriate products chosen for different skin types. The ingredients are BIOGENIC (found in Biology) and are recognized and utilized by the body without toxicity. The products also help to maintain and improve tone, texture and appearance and overall health of skin. The products are free of parabens, preservatives and are kosher certified. This skincare has allowed myself to use moisturizers regularly without causing bumps and clogged pores! A majority of the waxing services I do are Eyebrow Waxing/Shaping. I use the highly effective Nufree wax, which is safer and gentler on the skin than most brands. It is less irritating, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Along with the Nufree waxing product I use Finipil; a cooling, pore treating lotion that reduces pimples and bumps. Eyebrow and Lash Tinting is a fast, easy and semi-permanent way to enhance natural beauty without the use of messy make-up or tattooing.. I recommend these services for anyone with lighter lashes and brows and especially in preparation for vacations and special events. It is also perfect for someone that likes their brows or lashes darker in general! The brand I use is the only one of two brands available that is tar-free. The name of my business is Pure Complexion. My goal is to help clients achieve a clear, healthy complexion, feel comfortable with themselves and not have to wear make-up to feel beautiful! I strongly believe in educating clients on how your environment, lifestyle, food and substances ingested can all affect the health and appearance of the skin. Though I have a set schedule, there may be Monday and earlier appointment times available. I have on-line booking on (Change city to Roseville, MN. Then search Pure Complexion.) Please call me at 763-670-4975 if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment. Pamela Stage Esthetician
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