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Pat Wanas


About Pat Wanas





11111 San Jose Boulevard

My career started at the age of 5 when I would sit on my front steps with a hairbrush in my hand asking anyone who walked by if I could please brush their hair. While I am no longer that little girl, I have matured into a well seasoned colorist and stylist who has never lost that passion. Originally from northern New Jersey, I have received training in New York City with some of the top professionals in the industry. I have a diversified background, as a former salon and spa owner and a a former master's educator for Aveda Institutes. My true passion lies in displaying outwardly the beauty that lies within each person who sits in my chair. I also have connected my love for organic and holistic products to my practice as a cosmetologist discovering products to enhance the services that I offer. As a forerunner, I choose to use these chemical free products as they emerge as they actually perform better and they enhance not just the outer beauty but the inner beauty as well.




United States

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